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Huelva County Wine TOUR

The area currently covers wine Denomination of Origin (DO) "Condado de Huelva" and "Vinagre del Condado de Huelva" This covers a wide region located in the southeast of the province of Huelva. It is bordered by the region of Andévalo in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the south, the provinces of Cadiz and Sevilla in the east and Huelva capital in the west. It extends across the plain of the Guadalquivir, from the watershed that marks its tributary, the Guadiamar, to the estuary of the Tinto. A visit to the wineries will reveal the manufacturing process following both traditional and modern methods, as well as the taste of these wines which are clear and fruity. The province also produces DO vinegar which comes from a certified wine. It is aged through a pedigreed, seasoned, nursery system. The local brandies are somewhat dark in colour, due to their aging in American oak. They owe their sweet bouquet to the exquisite scent of aged holandas and their mixture with vintage wines. Municipalities of the area within the zone considered DO for the maturing and aging of wines: Almonte, Bollullos County, Chucena, La Palma del Condado, Manzanilla, Moguer, Rociana County, San Juan del Puerto and Villalba del Alcor.
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