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Dolmen de Soto

  • Carretera N431 , Km 619, C-31 - (Trigueros)
The de Soto dolmen, dated between 3000 and 2500 B.C., is located at the village of Trigueros, Huelva province (Spain), and is one of the most important among the more than two hundred megalithic monuments discovered in the province. The dolmen is one of the most impressive examples of Neolithic architecture in the south of Spain. It has an east-west orientation such that the first rays of the sun during the equinox move along its corridor to shine into the chamber for some minutes in a ritual where perhaps the dead would be reborn from their life beyond the grave, bathed in the sunlight.
Archaeological remains
Carretera N431 , Km 619, C-31


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