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Los Centenales visitor centre

  • Carretera Hinojos-Almonte A-484 Km 0.2. - Hinojos (Hinojos)
Reception and information (audiovisual room; reception and information) Neighbouring the village of El Rocío and located on the lower course of the stream of the same name, the La Rocina visitor centre also serves as a point of departure for the noteworthy path which runs along part of its bed. This centre is the municipality's only reception facility, which along with Almonte is considered the principal point of entry to the Doñana nature reserve. The singular building has a modern design but blends in with its surroundings and its ample windows give a good view of the landscape. Inside, an exhibition shows the customs and exploitations of fennel and the principal ecosystems of the Doñana national park: marshes and pine groves. All of this by means of numerous explanatory panels accompanied by various reproductions and models, an audiovisual walkway and a recreation of nocturnal sounds. It has an artificial lake with natural vegetation surrounding part of the building and stocked with indigenous fish. Close by we find scale models of the cabins typical of the marshes, where the castanet is fundamental as the staple vegetation. Moreover, it contains a splendid urban park, with many avenues and pleasant shady spots, as well as children's play areas. It is thus a place where various festivals of the municipality are celebrated and is the gathering place for the fraternities of the Rocío.
Natural surroundings
Carretera Hinojos-Almonte A-484 km 0.2.