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  • Calle Rábida 12 - Bollullos Par del Condado (Bollullos Par del Condado)
Since 1940, the secret of its success lies in knowing how to combine tradition with new business trends and winemaking techniques, with the single aim of providing a wide range of quality wines and being the wine industry leader in the County of Huelva. Among the most recognized brands in the Bodega we can mention Oliveros, Juan Jaime, Lágrima de Vino Naranja, Alzamendi and Marqués de la Bolita. Constantly innovating, the company is very aware of the changes occurring in the market. The result of this is their latest red wines with Huelva County Denomination of Origin, aged in a special underground cellar that is made to withstand the high temperatures in this part of Andalusia. We cannot fail to mention Vino Naranja (Orange Wine), which be
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Calle Rábida 12

21710 Bollullos Par del Condado

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