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Fieldwork RIOTINTO

  • Paseo De Los Caracoles S/n, Cade Oficina Nº 8 - Minas de Riotinto (Minas de Riotinto)
  • Paseo Del Chocolate S/n - Minas de Riotinto (Minas de Riotinto)
At Fieldwork RIOTINTO we aim to raise awareness of our environment, facilitating direct contact with a unique landscape and helping visitors discover what makes it special by themselves. We support our natural and cultural heritage through walks, tours and hiking activities in our urban and natural environment; by organizing themed events that allow visitors to get to know, explore and enjoy this heritage in its own context; by highlighting its unique features through research that helps us contribute to its dissemination and recognition; by teaching future generations to know their land and thus respect and protect it; and, finally, through our editorial work which helps us promote our projects and those of others in order to reach the wid
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Paseo de los Caracoles s/n, CADE oficina nº 8

21660 Minas de Riotinto

Paseo del Chocolate s/n

21660 Minas de Riotinto

Nearby Minas de Riotinto you can find