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  • C/ Andalucía, 14 - Bollullos Par del Condado (Bollullos Par del Condado)
The bodega was founded in 1946, starting its activity with the harvest and collection of must, which it then processed and sold, mainly in tanks and bottles. Our first vintage wines and vinegars date back to that year. Its founder's passion for winemaking has been passed down from father to son until the present day, which marks the third generation of family members running the bodega. From then and until today, we have endeavored to produce high-quality fortified wines by aging them in casks and barrels made of American and French oak, which gives them a unique flavour, coupled with the benefits of a climate influenced by the nearby presence of the sea and the particular characteristics of the wine cellar—all with the quality seal of the
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C/ Andalucía, 14

21710 Bollullos Par del Condado

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